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Chose to listen to my mom’s stories instead of Netflix. And wow. I’m learning so many things I never knew before. Thank you.
— Lisa M., daughter

How It Works


1: you choose questions

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2: they call a number

To record, they just call a special phone number. No app needed.


3: you get their story

Their voice recording is saved and shared with you and your family in a private, online player.

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Our Story


I’d like to personally extend a warm welcome to you and your family.

We’re a team of friends from Harvard and MIT who started Keep Life Stories for our own families. The stories my parents told me and my sister when we were growing up are a huge part of who I am. Recording their stories has brought our family moments of laughter and nostalgia, sparked new conversations, and brought us closer together. It is my dearest wish that your family will find the same.

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Amelia Lin, Founder

Amelia Lin, Founder


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