Frequently Asked Questions


does my loved one have to be tech-savvy to use this?

No! Anyone who knows how to call a phone number can record, it’s that easy. There’s no app to install.

What exactly happens when they call my family’s story recorder number?

It’s like leaving a long voicemail. There’s a brief welcome message explaining how the recording process works, and that recording will begin after the beep, and to hang up when they’re done. That’s all they have to do! Within 24 hours, their story will be added to your family’s storybook and available for listening.

if i purchase recording time for my family, can we record stories from multiple people?

Yes! Recording time is shared among anyone added to your family account. So if you like, you can have both Mom and Dad record, all your uncles, etc. We find that the more, the merrier.

what happens if we run out of recording time?

That’s great, we want you to record all you can! Don’t worry, we won’t cut off your stories. We will warn you when you are close to running out of recording time, and notify you when you are over your family’s recording time limit. Your stories will still continue to be saved, and you will have 30 days to purchase additional recording time for your family channel to top off your account and keep the extra audio.

Can I call in to interview them on the recording? can multiple people join the call?

Yes! Your family’s story recorder phone number can be conferenced in, merged into an existing call, or dialed into an existing call just like any other phone number. As long as one person on the call merges your story recorder number into your multi-person call, the recording will capture audio from all members of the call.

Do you support languages other than English?

At this time we do not have dedicated support for languages other than English. However, we are interested in hearing which languages we should expand to first, so please drop us a line at, as your votes help us prioritize!

does our whole family get the same story recorder number?

Yes! Your family account will have a single story recorder phone number, so there’s only one number for anyone to remember.


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